Our Mission

We are on a mission to eliminate poverty and rebuild broken communities by empowering youth to establish financial freedom. We provide educational tools on: real estate career opportunities, credit awareness and financial literacy, property ownership and assistance. We are dedicated to rebuilding urban communities and improving quality of life to ensure future generations not only survive, but thrive.

Increasing the Value of Life.

Our Story

Real Estate 4 The Youth is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization founded by Julius a veteran with 23+ years of experience and passion to contribute to the youth of our community.

A passion for mentoring disadvantaged young adults stems from a clear goal of making them first-time homeowners. I first started rebuilding multiple abandoned homes, I was able to employ neighborhood children and provide tips and information. Today’s generation has a tendency to drift from one temporary living arrangement to another. Listening to these testimonies of employees moving from apartment to apartment–from one temporary situation to the next–it was clear our parents, grandparents and older adults did not have the knowledge to guide them into home ownership. I have developed a solid reputation in our community, so my experiences birthed Real Estate 4 The Youth, to provide the tools, training and mentoring to move youth into home ownership and break cycles of poverty and instability.

— Julius Reed, Founder

Real Estate 4 The Youth’s Core Values:

Providing Peace Through Teamwork

Excellence in All We Do

Collaboratively Building a Force For Good

Global Reach Across America

Integrity First

Service Before Self

Our Partners

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